Shed a Tear

I first heard singer-songwriter, Fran Reagan, in 1988 when he was a guest musician at a religious service I attended (I'd recently relocated to Mass from NY). Like everyone else in the room, I was taken in by Fran's velvety baritone on top of his graceful steel string fingerpicking, which might have been enough, but we were held rapt by the sincerity and profundity of the words he sang.

All those years assimilating Bread, the Beatles, Pink Floyd and more, and their germination in the heart and mind of this man of faith, yields a delight for the listener. Shed a Tear is a wonderfully affecting recording defined by its various rhythms.

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—Lawrence Strauss

"Treasure" mp3 sample

"Daily Devotion" mp3 sample

"If Only ...", a duet with Jean Briand Goodwin; the pair are still well-remembered and -loved in New England for their performances and recordings under the name From the Heart.