The Light Has Come

Beginning with the lovely and appropriately feminine, Mary, on Fran Reagan's 2004 release, The Light Has Come takes us through a four song exploration of love, both divine and human. The three songs that follow challenge the listener to take stock of his life's actions. And then we arrive at the blissful Kyrie chorus – a release after the heaviness that's preceded it. West to East is a lovely instrumental journey. Simple Thanks is strong in melody and meaning and brings the listener to the two songs of most direct social/political comment, a gorgeously sung cover of the Woody Guthrie tune, Plane Wreck at Los Gatos (Deportees) (CD only) and Fran's articulated dread of the US warplanes over our heads (Why, Oh Why?). Finally (or just about) there's the Mary Chapin Carpenter-esqe meditation We Won't Lose Hope.

Fran's guitar playing has never sounded as subtle and masterful. And Fran's always rich voice sounds more relaxed and comfortably inhabits the mostly gentle rhythmic pockets he builds with his guitar and accompanists.

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—Lawrence Strauss

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