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Fran Reagan, Pop Stylist.

On every previous disc, Fran Reagan has composed and sung and played what was most meaningful at the moment to him: Fran Reagan, Singer-Songwriter.

Here is a collection of songs that Fran has performed at New England coffee houses over the years, And due to his fingerpicking and vocal prowess have been perennial requests from his fans.

And it's a treasure when a gifted performer like Fran Reagan visits the songbook of his youth, taking us through sometimes big-production and sometimes intimate tellings of songs of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Jackson Browne and Bread.

Highlights for me include the lush power of All Things Must Pass; the earnestness of The Times They Are a-Changin' (which challenges and uplifts again); Fran's pure voice delivering Let It Be; the weird acoustically-synthetically-achieved mood of Why Oh Why; the redemption for non-pagans, by a slight change of lyric, of The Rebel Jesus (Jackson Browne's beautifully crafted hymn); Fran's wonderful voice on a straightly played, Every Grain of Sand by Bob Dylan.

This is Fran, as you've heard him before if you've seen him perform live, but as never before captured on disc. Purchase the CD ($15.99 + $2.99 shipping) or buy tracks (some songs are available on the CD only) as immediate mp3 downloads.

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